04 March 2016

Photonics of Excitonic Nanomaterials: Understanding and Controlling the Flow of Energy


The excited state properties of nanoscale semiconductors are dominated by the dynamics of quantum confined electron-hole pairs known as excitons. Thanks to recent advances in the size and shape control of semiconductor nanomaterials, this confinement can now be tuned with high precision which has resulted in a rapidly expanding family of high-quality excitonic building blocks.

20 November 2015

Spin Texture of Sub-Gap Andreev levels in Semiconductor Quantum Dots Proximity-coupled to Superconductors


The combination of superconductors and low-dimensional semiconductors embodies a rich, yet largely unexplored physics. In this hybrid system, macroscopic properties enforced by superconductivity can be controlled through electrically tunable microscopic degrees of freedom, inherent to a relatively small number of confined electrons.