14 February 2017

Franckeite as a Naturally Occurring van der Waals Heterostructure


The fabrication of van der Waals heterostructures, artificial materials assembled by individual stacking of 2D layers, is among the most promising directions in 2D materials research. Until now, the most widespread approach to stack 2D layers relies on deterministic placement methods, which are cumbersome and tend to suffer from poor control over the lattice orientations and the presence of unwanted interlayer adsorbates.

25 April 2016

Atomic-scale Control of Graphene Magnetism by Using Hydrogen Atoms


The incorporation of magnetism to the long list of graphene capabilities has been pursued since its first isolation in 2004. The use of spin as an additional degree of freedom would represent a tremendous boost to the versatility of graphene based devices. On one hand, spin information transfer or spin diffusion phenomena are favored by the expected long spin relaxation times of graphene carriers.