Undergraduate Studies

The Department of Condensed Matter Physics is actively involved in the development and implementation of the Degree studies in Physics

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MSc. Studies

The MSc. Studies programme is jointly offered by the Departments of Theoretical Condensed Matter, Condensed Matter Physics, and INC.

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PhD Studies

Inter-University Doctorate Programme is offered by the Departments of Theoretical Condensed Matter, Condensed Matter Physics at UAM.

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Low Temperature - Nanoforces - Electronic Properties of Novel Materials - Nanoelectronics - Nanoscience and Scanning Probe Microscopy - Condensed Matter Theory and Simulation - Surface Physics - Magnetrans - Biophysics and Biological Systems

Low Temperature

Low temperature physics and cryogenics: design and construction of 3He-4He equipment (7 mK) dedicated to STM/S.

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Nanoforces Lab

Atomic Force Micorsocopy: new instrumentation and software development (WSxM software) for specialized operation modes.

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Electronic structure of surfaces and interfaces: Electronic properties of 2D materials using high-resolution angle-resolved photoemission.

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Quantum transport in nanostructures: Mechanical and electrical properties of atomic-sized contacts, single molecules.

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Nano-SPM Lab

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy in ultra-high vacuum and low temperature: Development of new instrumentation and software (WSxM).

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CMTS Group

Condensed Matter Theory and Simulation Group. Graphene and 2D materials. AtomElix. Siesta. Topological materials. Novel superconductivity.

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Surface Physics Lab

STM and spectroscopy in ultra high vacuum. Molecular self-assembly on surfaces. Inelastic tunneling spectroscopy of molecular vibrations

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Magnetrans Lab

Electron Transport and Dynamics in Magnetic and Superconducting Nanostructures: electrical properties and noise in spintronic structures.

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Biophysics Lab

Our lab focuses on the study of the dynamics of biological systems combing experimental, theoretical and computational tools.

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So Close and Such a Stranger: the documentary

We are proud to release the documentary in which we have been working so hard for more than a year. Hope you enjoy it. And if in the meantime it helps in the understanding of what Condensed Matter Physics is, our goal would have been satisfied.

These are the Diaries of the So Close Project

This project's main goal is to create a short documentary explaining the meaning and the impact of Condensed Matter Physics, a branch of human activity that is as amazing as it is unknown by the general public. This audiovisual product will describe the main concepts and systems that belong to this field of physics, and the most important advances made in science and in technology in the last 120 years.

More than a Documentary

Besides posting about the project evolution, we would like this site to hold news and articles on Condensed Matter Physics. We would like to talk with the scientists that are currently pushing the boundaries of Condensed Matter Physics and hear about their job. And finally, we would also like you to participate.

So Close and Such a Stranger

So Close and Such a Stranger - Project's Website


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Jiménez Sánchez, Mariano Domingo
Assistant Professor - View profile
Assistant professor since may 2017. He is currently doing his PhD thesis at the Nanoscience & Scanning Probe Microscopy Laboratory with Prof. Jose María Gómez as supervisor.
Moratalla Martín, Manuel Eduardo
Assistant Professor - View profile
Assistant professor since may 2017. He is currently doing his PhD thesis at the Low Temperature Laboratory with Prof. Miguel Angel Ramos as supervisor.
Lee, Eduardo Jian Hua
RyC - Research fellow - View profile
Eduardo Lee obtained his PhD in physics from EPF Lausanne for the thesis "Scanning photocurrent microscopy of carbon nanostructures". Since December 2016 he is Ramón y Cajal - Research fellow in our department.