16 May 2017

Bottom‐up Nanoelectronics: Contacting Single Molecules and Nanoparticles


Our research focus is on bottom-up nanoelectronics and in particular the electronic characterization of single molecules and nanoparticles for device applications. For this purpose, we employ several methods to create electrodes, such as direct e-beam patterning, electromigration of Au wires, electroburning of multilayer graphene flakes, (gateable) mechanically-controllable break junctions (MCBJs) and a self-aligned fabrication technique for fabricating nano-spaced electrodes over large lengths.

09 May 2017

2D Layers as Substrates for New Materials


Three examples for the use of 2D layers as substrate for the growth of new materials are given. First, a new on-surface synthesis method is reported that enables the growth sandwich molecular nanowires. The synthesis is based on the use of Gr as an inert substrate and relies on the simultaneous deposition of rare earth metal atoms and organic ligands.

03 May 2017

Liquid-vapour Interfaces of Patchy Colloids


We investigate the liquid-vapour interface of a model of patchy colloids. This model consists of hard spheres decorated with short-ranged attractive sites (“patches”) of different types on their surfaces. We focus on a one-component fluid with two patches of type A and nine patches of type B (2A9B colloids), which has been found to exhibit reentrant liquid-vapour coexistence curves and very low-density liquid phases