04 April 2017

Photodoping-Driven Crossover in the Low-Frequency Noise of MoS2 Transistors

Article: published in Physical Review Applied by Farkhad G. Aliev, IFIMAC researcher and member of the Department of Condensed Matter Physics.

At the ultimate thinness level, electrons in two-dimensional van der Waals field-effect transistors (FETs) are particularly vulnerable to interactions with the surrounding environment, leading to strong fluctuations of the current output. Here we demonstrate how photodoping can be used as an effective tool to identify dominating carrier noise mechanisms in mono-to-few atomic layer MoS2 FETs, and how the additional conduction channels generated by the strong light-matter interactions lead to a percolative crossover between noise mechanisms based on the stochastic nature of electron transport. [Full article]

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